Google Adwords & Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Google Adwords (PPC) will you give you instant results in search engines much faster than organic SEO. A good strategy is to start with an Adwords campaign to bring in some new business quickly while at the same time building out a search engine optimization strategy. 

Getting Started with Google Adwords

We learn about your business and develop a campaign best suited for your needs and generating new customers. Small and medium sized businesses can benefit from quick website exposure right within Google's search pages.

Adwords PPC FAQ

• Adwords is a quick way to rank within Google's search page. Basically Adwords is much faster than SEO

• Adwords works with any budget. There is no minimum investment required to get started. 

• Google's PPC is very easy to setup, measure and track your ROI(return on investment)

• You can pause your advertising campaign at any time as your needs change

• You only pay for clicks or actual results. 

Paid Search(PPC) Advertising(Adwords)

Google Ads, or "Adwords" is an advertising platform by Google. Often you'll see those ads at the very top of the search results. Adwords can be an effective and affordable way to quickly get your website in front of new customers. 

Get Quick Results

PPC Advertising is the fastest way to bring more traffic to your website and more customers through your doors. We'll create a custom campaign for your business that will bring in new business fast. These PPC ads appear in Google's search results in the row row above the standard search results.

Why Use Google Ads?

• Google currently  has over 70% of the search market share.

• Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords ads. 

• Adwords budgets can be any daily amount you would like. 1 dollar per day or any budget you would like to employ.

• We can setup your ads to only run in a your market based on zip code, city, state, etc

• Ads will own show up based on specific keywords we choose. For instance we can run ads that only show for a search phrase "gluten free pizza" but do not show up for the phrase "pizza" as an example. 

• Helps build brand awareness. Since only clicks are paid for, your ad will show up prominently at the top of search results