Web Development Services

Search Engine Optimization for Asheville

We offer SEO services to help your business gain a higher presence in Google that will directly lead to additional customers, clients and sales.

We will increase your visibility within Google search by optimizing your websites content, researching keywords and creating new and dynamic content.

What is Organic Search?

Organic search is simply the list of results that come up in Google or any other search engine when you type in any phrase in the search box. We can help you optimize and edit each page of your website in order to come up in a higher position in those search results. If you are looking for instant results, paid search, or PPC(pay per click) is an option to start getting results instantly.

What is on page SEO?

On page SEO is simply going thru every page of your website and optimizing each element for a particular search phrase that is relevant to that page. A good place to start is to name the page URL what the page is about. Additionally set the H1 tag to be consistent with the primary focus of the page. 

What is Link Building?

Link building is an important part any successful SEO strategy. A good starting point it to get your website listed on as many websites that are relevant to your particular industry. If your company is a restaurant, reach out to any popular local online blogs and newspapers to get listed under their places to eat section. 

Give us a call today and we'll run an SEO audit on your website or Google My Business Listing(GMB) free of charge. We'll even give you a list of suggestions you can do on your own to quickly help your position within Google's local search listing.

GMB(Google My Business) Listings are the life blood of any local business. Haven't claimed your GMB listing yet? We can help get that setup for you quickly or take it a step further and let us fully optimize your listing. 

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is simply the practice of finding the most relevant terms that people enter into search engines such as Google that are related to your business. Locating and targeting these keywords is one of the most important elements in optimizing your website and Google Business Listing in order to increase traffic to your website and business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a series of ongoing task we will perform on your website in order to provide the best results in search engine. Some common tasks are: cleaning your site of duplicate content, increasing the loading speed, optimizing photos for both image size and meta-data, creating unique and relevant title tags for each page, optimizing a meta-description for each page, optimizing the url for each page, fix crawl and other site errors within Google search console and many others.