Website Development Proposal for Golden Road Festival.

Proposal Prepared by Jeffrey Brown at Web Asheville for:

Jill Bernstein
Director of Marketing

Hey Jill,

Thank you for your interest in working with me on developing the website for the Golden Road Festival. Based on our phone conversation, I have prepared the following proposal.

The project details are below: 

  • Connect Fluid Pay with WooCommerce – our Fluid Pay account is already set up and we have we have a sandbox to experiment with
  • Refine purchase flow pages. As you’ll see, the Packages Page is a WIP. We will be finalizing those products this weekend.
    • It currently takes us to the Item Page and then to the Store Page when you click the Category – neither of which we can edit! If we could make those pages look like the rest of the site that would be ideal. Think we need to add those to the current template in Elementor in order to edit? We’re struggling with Elementor. 
    • We want to hide the tally of inventory from the user
      • It currently says “4 in stock” for our single cabins – we don’t want them to see our actual remaining package quantities, just be informed when a product and/or category is sold out
    • We want to remove the date from the packages when on ‘GRF Packages’ via the ‘Categories’ link. No idea why it says ‘April 15th’…
    • We’ll need to hide the actual Package Purchase page from the site for the days between going live with our WordPress site and our on sale date. We’ll want to have the detailed descriptions with costs viewable, but not allow purchases until the week of 5/27.
  • Optimizing for Mobile & Tablet 
  • Refunds and return policy – we can’t seem to edit that section and we have specific T&Cs we need to add there 
  • Would be great to have someone do a once-over to confirm everything we’ve done looks right and is functioning as it should.
  • Please also itemize what the cost would be to be on call from 5/28-5/31 in case we hit a tech issue that we can’t solve when we start our public sale. * I will have myself, along with my employee who specializes in WordPress/Woocomere troubleshooting available for those days.


Websites Development Quote

Website Development Proposal for Golden Road Festival. 

Sub total: $2,150

10% North Carolina Area Business Discount $215

Total: $1,935