Website Maintenance Proposal for Wildbud Natives

Proposal Prepared by Jeffrey Brown at Web Asheville for:

Nathan Buchanan
Wildbud Natives

Thank you for your interest in working with me on monthly maintenance for your website. It’s important especially with e-commerce to have a solid security update system in place. I have prepared the following proposal. 

Monthly Maintenance Details: 

•  Changes and additions to the website including text changes, new photography, events, etc.

•  Website software Updates: Website Core WordPress updates, plug-in version updates, miscellaneous software updates. Fixing all bugs caused by updates. 

•  Security Issues: Follow any relevant security updates & recommendations. Updates to all WordPress version updates. 

•  Backups: Manual weekly backups as well as online backups via C-panel.

•  Site Checkup: Monthly site checkups to ensure all features are being executed properly.

• Website speed optimization – constant website speed improvements which is a factor in search rankings

• Run monthly Malware Scans site-wide

• Website Database management:  Having a clean WordPress database helps with making your site load faster. Junk data can be spam comments, settings from plugins that were uninstalled but not deleted, post revisions, and other data.

• Visual inspection. Inspect the website on different platforms each month. Doing this on major browsers including Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. This will monitor the problems with layout or formatting. 


Monthly Website Maintenance for Nathan Buchanan

Monthly Cost: $145.00

Total: $145.00