Top Tips & Myths for choosing a domain name

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Choosing a domain name can be a challenging and confusing thing to do for your business website. As a local area Asheville, North Carolina business, the name Asheville can hold a lot of weight when it comes to websites and branding for your company.

  1. KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid. This goes for lots of things in life but especially so with a domain name. You want something easy to remember but also quickly explains what your business does.
  2. Include Keywords in your domain name. Including some keyword phrases that your customers search for is a great way to signal to Google what your business is about. It’s far better to go with something like “” than it is to go with “”. Don’t get too spammy though with your domain name, avoid using anything like “best” or “near me” in your domain name that you want to register.
  3. Go with a .com domain extension. It’s still a good rule to go with .com domain names then it is other domain extensions like .net and .biz.
  4. It’s best to avoid hyphens or other special characters in your website address. These can be difficult for your customers to remember, so it’s best to avoid using these in your url.
  5. Avoid buying multiple domains. While it used to work to get a lot of different domain names, search engines have now gotten very saavy and consider it spam to own more than one domain name and redirect those to your main website.
  6. Where can I search for domain name ideas? A great free search is at

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